2004 Subaru Forester Manual Pdf

Subaru Forester 2004 Workshop Manual PDF

The new MySubaru makes it even easier to enjoy and maintain your Subaru. Manuals, tips, and videos to help you manage your Subaru. If you share the same interests as other Subaru owners, show it. Subaru Forester Owner's Manual pages. Owner's Manual applies to all models and covers all equipment, john green the fault in our stars pdf in-.

Tachometer Instruments and controls Odometer The odometer shows the total distance that the vehicle has been driven. Do not make sudden downshifts.

To use the sun visor at a side window, swing it down and move it sideways. When this switch is pushed, the air conditioner com- pressor turns on and the indicator light comes on. Interior equipment Under-floor storage compartment There are four storage trays underneath the floor of the cargo area. This vehicle information is currently unavailable.

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Check the battery and cables. Connecting A Trailer ceiver, the trailer could get loose and create a traffic safety hazard.

Cigarette Lighter Socket Push gently on the lid to open it. Fog Light Switch if Equipped Instruments and controls Fog light switch if equipped The fog lights operate only when the headlights are on low beam.

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Information is described using symbol. Page Audio the all disc ejection mode will be canceled. Modification of the suspension system or front end structure.

Do not use the convex mirror to judge the distance of vehicles behind you when changing lanes. Cooling System Thermostat. Pull down on the anchor to make sure that it is locked in place. Changing a flat tire Do not jack up the vehicle on an incline or a loose road surface. Use a screwdriver to de- tach the four clips at the top and the three hooks on the left, right and center.

Can I monitor how much data I use? Do not attempt to insert two or more discs into the slot at a time. Its freezing temper- ature varies according to how much it is diluted, as in- dicated below.

Retailers are independent businesses and are free to set their own retail prices. Specifications Specifications Specifications Specifications These specifications are subject to change without notice. Will the Subaru Mobile Internet work in my area?

They may damage the conductors printed on the window. Operate the hood release knob and check that the Check that the battery caps are securely tightened. Wear adequate eye protection to guard against getting oil or fluids in your eyes. The vehicle speed at that moment will be memorized and treated as the new set speed. To raise the anchor height, slide the anchor up.

Trailer Hitch if Equipped Driving tips thrown forward or backward in sudden stops or rapid accelerations, resulting in a dangerous road hazard. Putting excessive weight on the extended cov- er can break it and an object on the cover could tumble forward in the event of a sudden stop or collision. Also, on hot or sunny days, the temperature in a closed vehicle could quickly become high enough to cause severe or possibly fatal injuries to people. This helps prevent the loss of steering control and directional stability caused by wheel lock-up. In a sudden stop or collisions, loose equipment could strike occupants and cause injury.

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Hot swapping is not supported as the memory card must be installed into the reader before connecting the reader to the Media Hub. Why do I need to download the mobile apps to my smartphone?

Open the lid and hang the hook provided on the under side of the lid on the rear edge of the roof to keep the lid open. Such behavior can cause the wheels to lock, possibly leading to loss of vehicle control.

Depress the clutch pedal manual transmission ve- hicles only. Always keep the lids closed while driving to reduce the risk of injury in the event of sudden stop or an accident. Future Vehicles and Concepts.