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No one else has matched him for presenting information so clearly, so concisely, and with such a complete absence of compromise and condescension. Edmund Optics has continued as a high-end optics manufacturer.

Probably the most comprehensive book on telescopes available to the amateur astronomer or novice beginner, ever written. Introduction There is no question in my mind that the greatest technical writer ever at least in English was Sam Brown. If you are unfamiliar with Brown's work and want to get a taste of it at its best, don't just start at the beginning with the early pieces on parlour tricks.

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While it is now the more common tool, the woodworking shaper is entirely unrelated to the older and more elegant metalworking shaper. This edition, though frequently listed by booksellers as by Sam Brown, nowhere contains his name. However, the mechanical and mirror making advice is detailed, clear and excellent, and can be applied to smaller projects. Popular optics library, no.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Both the and editions also cover metal spinning.

Excellent vintage illustrations. This booklet concerns the woodworking shaper. And most have a broad astronomy focus, covering all areas of the field. Do not pay the exorbitant prices listed on amazon. It is very well illustrated.

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This is the definitive book about modern Schupmann Telescopes, by club member Jim Daley. Trivia About All About Telescopes. Biographical Items At present, nbr 17240 pdf gratis we know only a few isolated facts about Sam Brown. Covers all aspects of making the listed telescopes.

Has detailed plans to construct three different telescopes. It discusses what aperture and magnifications should result in optimum faint object detection. Even in our digital era, the original printed versions are always better than their electronic ghosts. Shows up on Google Books search.

How to Build Opaque Projectors. His editorship continued until Vol. It looks tantalizingly like the opening of a biographical sketch, but it has vanished without a trace. Brief as it is, it covers important details that most other accounts overlook. Delta Manufacturing Company, n.

Robert Edmund is not named on this edition. New and Novel Things To Make.

Still in print from Edmund scientific. This book is packed with diagrams and information on all aspects of the amateur telescope making. When a project is published, it is most likely to be targeted at the novice level. Yet outside of the small communities of amateur astronomers and certain amateur machinists, few have ever heard of him. Everything of Interest to the Amateur Boatman.

The rest may or may not be. Still have the old telescope in the basement but it never gets used.

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Google seems to have lost any knowledge it once had of it. It is not listed in Worldcat. Identify his earliest Popular Science article.

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Practical Finishing Methods. In earlier versions of this Notebook, I tried to classify these items by topic. Always such a big deal to set it up and it's so cold up here where I live at night.

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According to one bookseller's listing, the edition was edited by Sam Brown but I haven't actually seen it to confirm this. Decorative uses for circular fluorescent lights. Includes much theory and equations which many basic books omit.