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Press rear of extractor to check spring function. Have adequat e vent i l at i on at al l t i mes. Push in Takedown Pin as far as it will go.

Take the rifle to a qualified gunsmith. Pivot Upper Receiver away from Lower.

Be sure cam pin is installed in the bolt group. Hence, zeroing is now conducted with point of aim and point of impact being the same see chart on next page.

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If your bolt fails to unlock, and you try to free it by banging the buttstock on the ground, keep yourself clear of the muzzle. Reverse the direction of rotation to lower strike of bullet.

While pulling down on Charging Handle, bang the Rifle Butt on the ground. Magazine not fully seated. Bring the Rifle to a qualified gunsmith. Consult the manufacturer for more. The bore and chamber are chrome plated for long life and ease of maintenance.

If there is, swab it out with a patch and the cleaning rod. In any event, keep your face away from the ejection port while clearing a hot chamber. It is difficult to push a new, stiff bore brush through the bore. The most important thing is that you clean the chamber and barrel from rear to front. While Bolt is held to the rear, round should fall through the Magazine well.

Three clicks will move the strike of the bullet one horizontal square on the target sheet. Hold it as shown with the Ejector down and the Extractor up. Too many rounds in Magazine. It is recommended that shipment be insured by owner, since Bushmaster Firearms, Inc. Check for full travel of Bolt Carrier Replace.

This way you won't get hurt by a possible round cooking off. Drop in and seat the Firing Pin. Wipe any fingerprints they can start the corrosion process off the exterior surfaces with an oiled rag - a black cloth is best as it won't leave visible lint.

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With a rocking motion, press the case down against the Ejector. Check that the rubber insert is inside the Extractor Spring. Attach three rod sections together but leave each one about two turns short of being tight. The Unmarked smaller Aperture should be up.

Check to see that there is no excessive oil in the Bore. Check Chamber for any obstruction. Again, never use a wire brush or any type of abrasive to clean the Aluminum Lower Receiver.

Do you shoot corrosive ammo? The Bolt is machined so as to allow insertion of the Cam Pin from one side only. Each notch moves the point of impact of bullet as indicated in chart. Tap upward on Magazine bottom to make sure it's seated correctly. In order to move the shot group to the right, turn the windage knob clockwise.

Furman AR-15 Owner s Manual

Furman AR-15 Owner s Manual

Cleaning the magazine is just like cleaning the buffer assembly. Position Carrier Key in slotted bottom of Charging Handle. You do not pay anything extra and your purchase helps support my work in bringing you more awesome gun and gear articles. Check out our beginners guns video course. Obama urged to ban imports of military-style guns.

Bolts with pitting that extends into the firing pin hole should be replaced. Written By Cameron Corley.

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This instructional manual should always accompany your Bushmaster firearm. When requesting a manual, include the serial number of your rifle. When you lend, give or sell this firearm, be sure this Manual goes with it. First, pdf creator para xp gratis lay out your cleaning mat and throw on some gloves. Attach the bore brush but leave it two turns short also.

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This warranty is granted by Bushmaster Firearms Inc. Reassemble in the reverse of disassembly.

Then lightly lubricate the Spring. Once you hit the five thousand round mark, it is a good idea to move to inspections every five hundred rounds.

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He is a competitive shooter as well as a gunsmith. Clean as per instructions for aluminum Upper and Lower Receivers see Pg. The bore of your Bushmaster rifle has lands and grooves called rifling. During zeroing procedures, only the front sight post and windage knob are adjusted to move the strike of the bullet on the target.

Download eBook PDF/EPUB

Be sure the Cam Pin is installed in the Bolt Group. Flip the unmarked smaller aperture to the up position as shown.

Recieve Your Free Resource Instantly. Place next round on top of previous round and repeat steps until desired number of rounds is loaded.

Always clean from from chamber toward the muzzle. Push the take-down pins out and pull the two halves apart. Next, clear and render safe your firearm. Check to ensure that there is no looseness between the Barrel and the Upper Receiver - if you detect any movement by twisting with your hands, the barrel nut must be retorqued.