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Influence of coarse aggregate on elastic properties of high performance concrete. The tensile strength of concrete determined by splitting tests on cubes. Summary This research is founded on new knowledge of the possibility of measuring the propagation time of transverse ultrasonic waves in concrete and on a measurement method devised by the author.

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The Case for Man Made Carbonate. Building code requirements for reinforced concrete. The problematic of static vs.

Surface hardness and related properties of concrete. Authors Authors and affiliations A. Revue Botanique Mensuelle. Static and dynamic modulus of concrete as affected by mix composition and compressive strength. The Schmidt hammer in rock material characterization.

The effect of Schmidt hammer type on uniaxial compressive strength prediction of rock. Calibration and use of impact test hammer. Bildatlas Der Vergleichenden Dermatologie Online.

Bemessung und Konstruktion. Factors Influencing Concrete Strength. This research is founded on new knowledge of the possibility of measuring the propagation time of transverse ultrasonic waves in concrete and on a measurement method devised by the author.

It allows realization of static challenging structures and also shows due to its dense structure greater durability especially against aggressive media. Use of Swiss hammer for establishing the compressive strength of hardened concrete. Recent Developments and Applications. Non-destructive testing of concrete by hardness methods.

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The use of simultaneous nondestructive tests to predict the compressive strength of concrete. The phenomena of rupture and flew in solids. Guide to Nondestructive Testing of Concrete. Read Keine Zukunft Fur Adam.

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Skriptum zur Vertiefervorlesung des Fachs Baustoffkunde. Microstructure, Properties and Materials. The ultrasonic testing of concrete.

Read Bombarder Pour Vaincre n. Auxiliaire De Puericulture. Mathematical Topics In Fluid Mechanics.

Carottage du bton frais la rsistance du bton de louvrage et apprciation de son comportement Carottage bton durci, sclromtre, ultrason N. High Performance Concretes and Applications.

Dermatology Models In Dermatology, Vol. Tensile strength of concrete. Determining concrete strength by using small diameter cores.

Effect of carbonation on the rebound number and compressive strength of concrete. Ultrasonic in-situ monitoring of setting process of highperformance concrete. Recent Developments Online.

Technologie a vady betonu. Non-destructive testing techniques for the forensic engineering investigation of reinforced concrete buildings. Brief By Brechner, complemento guardar como pdf office 2007 Robert A. Study on the development of the microstructure in cement-based materials by means of numerical simulation and ultrasonic pulse velocity measurement. Experience made in determining the static modulus of elasticity of concrete.

Investigation of the Schmidt concrete test hammer. Effect of length to diameter ratio of specimen on the apparent compressive strength of concrete.

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The non destructive testing of concrete. Duden Basiswissen Schule, M. Recommendations for Testing Concrete by Hardness Methods.

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Study of the relation betwen the static and dynamic moduli of rocks. Anatomie Des Idees Ordinaires. Mechanical properties of high-strength concrete after fire. Conditions de chantier Approvisionnements rels Matriels de fabrication Moyens de contrle Dure et conditions de transport Mise en place. Mesure de la vitesse de propagation du son dans le bton corrle avec la densit et par suite avec la rsistance du bton.

Materials, mechanical properties and performance. Soniscope Tests Concrete Structures. Probable fatigue life of plain concrete with stress gradient. When realized, then in a small scale in civil engineering works.