With only half the bottle left it has improved from the time I first opened it. This was my second bottle of Scotch I bought. The nose is sweet and largely vanilla, although both refreshing and very light bitter notes can be detected, very leafy smells, both of them. Disappointing, given that the company deliberately called it double wood and markets it based on the second sherry maturation. Pity I re-gifted the second, and better, bottle before tasting it.

Balvenie - yr Doublewood - Continental Wine & Spirits

Balvenie 25Y single barrel

My first taste of anything from Balvanie. But this is truly something special and well worth the price. It's a very pleasant dram and one that I find myself returning to again and again for further exploration.

With more time to air in the glass the neutral scotch smells come out, malted barley and the vanilla and honey from the American barrel. The fact that not all the barrels go into sherry butts along with the moderate time in sherry butts gives the Double Wood a lighter sherry note. Perfect strength, water breaks the balance in this whisky. Honey, frosting, and strong vanilla sweetness. The taste begins sweet, cafe mainly because the nose set an expectation of fruity flavours.

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  1. Slightly sour flower notes.
  2. Rijk en complex van smaak met vanille en eiken.
  3. The finish is unenjoyable.

The Balvenie 12 Year Old Single Barrel

Balvenie single barrel

Sweet and fruity, with nice sherry influence. Currency and Delivery Country. Anyone from the experienced to the complete novice can appreciate this. Afterwards the taste lingers and whilst it has a strong flavour it doesn't have the burn you get from some whiskies.

Now less bitter and with more noticeable caramel notes. Good Speyside for beginners, medium bodied good lond slow after taste. Still pretty pricey for what you get I think but this rating is just to balance out my previous one. What sets this apart is the definitive licorice presence.

The finish, which I found rather short, brings out toffee, but it's the sherry that dominates again. Without knowing the price of the bottle, I assumed it would cost me a pretty penny. The finish is of medium length and quite pleasant. It was like a nutty sherry. Creamy vanilla ice cream drizzled on top of a toffee apple.

Personally, I find that whiskies with great noses, but average body and taste, can be made excellent, by taking a big lungful as you take a sip, and not to leave it on the tongue too long. Finish is short, but with a lingering ghost of lilac and yet more honey. Fairly limpid and doesn't seem to have much going on. Easy to find here in the states - Trader Joe's has it.

These are limited edition bottlings, with each bottle being one of no more than drawn from a single cask. What would be a good single malt for someone to try who usually drinks blended? Recently had this at a Balvenie tasting event of single barrel bottles.

While its sibling distillery wins the popularity contest, The Balvenie is not to be overlooked. This tastes nothing like other Balvenie's that are finished in other casks so don't get this if you're looking for that. This means that The Balvenie you drink now could be vastly different from the bottle you buy next year, or even from the bottle you purchase across the street on the same day!

Balvenie 25 Year Old Single Barrel Single Malt Scotch Whisky

That then fades into more vanilla and spice. Like it's neighbor glenfiddich, it's soft and smooth, not really needing any water. Mostly agreeable but I found this rather underwhelming as an experience. The finish is short and unimpressive.

Review The Balvenie 15 yr Single Barrel Single-Malt Scotch

It does happen with whiskies. Certainly not a sherry bomb nose, but some lovely fruits do present themselves. She enjoys bourbon mostly and during the house hunting process we often discussed whisky and I told her she needed to try scotch. Whisky Bar, kostenlos flirten ohne Crete is lokated on the beach and I guess that both these whiskys does improve when nice slightly salted seebreeze is added.

Balvenie Single barrel 12Y (3118) 47.8
  • Looks like some less than stellar casks slipped in.
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  • Would you recommend that I get a few bottles from the same cask or like one bottle from different casks?
  • At any rate, most beginners like this whisky.

Very complex, beautifully composed whisky, well worth its price. Het aroma wordt gevormd door fruit, rozijnen en noten. Now I have had doublewood many times and it is great but it is also overpriced here in the states now and since its the same price as this figured this was a better value and wow was I right. There are batch effects with Doublewood too, mann sucht frau I have found.


There is still lots of caramel and chocolate - quite sweet. There is a good balance to this malt for what it is, a Sherried scotch. This will never be a part of my cabinet. It has quite a smooth, sweet and thick taste to it with hints of caramel and apples tasting notes above are accurate in my opinion. So close to the P-word rhymes with Gerfect that I am beside myself admitting that yes, the whisky was initially sharp on the nose and briefly on the palate.

Balvenie 25 y single barrel

Chilling whisky decreases evaporation, which weakens the nose, and of course the melting ice will water down the whisky quite a bit. Apples, fresh pears, hints of cherry, nuts, wisps of oak, vanilla, and toffee. Round on the palate with a hint of vanilla oak and comfortingly warming.

The cask number, cask fill date, bottling date, and bottle number are printed on the label. It was, for me, the highlight of the event. Cinnamon and spice and everything nice. Between the two, I'd get the carib cask again no doubt, landkreis even though I thought that one was just mediocre.

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