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You can plug in your own numbers to see what you will require. You should probably make a full-sized layout on paper and then transfer to the sheet stock.

The hole pattern at the left represents the hole pattern for the rotor head base and can usually be taken from the cheek plates that are typically supplied with the head. The construction manual is quite frank and forthright about the frustration of this process. Muffler Mount To conserve space, we utilized the side-mount muffler option. You are now free to sit in the seat and make engine sounds whenever you need encouragement!

If the top-center of the teeter block is not already marked, use a sharp pencil and straight edge and draw lines from opposite corners. These include the Sky Wheels and Brock Blades. It is sufficient to say the approaches are a lot steeper than in fixed wing aircraft. Once this is achieved, tighten the check nuts.

People who viewed this item also viewed. The parts can be painted in any colors desired. This is a gentle way of saying that something will eventually fail and kill you! You may be able to get training on and use of the equipment. Cut all the required tubing and sheet-metal components and label each with masking tape to keep track of the pieces.

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Adjust the length of the struts using the threaded Heim fittings at both ends of each strut so the gear legs are essentially at right angles to the keel with the struts in place. You are covered by the eBay Plnas Back Guarantee if you receive an item that is not as described in the listing. If only pounds is required, you can secure the required amount of lead inside the front of the keel tube or rear of the tail boom.

While talking with Steve Tillson he explained the rotor balancing process but did admit that he did not have the resources to ensure perfect balsa density matching. Someone not associated with the project will often see things you have over-looked. The drawings showed the right hand brace - the left is opposite.

You may want gyrobee plans include the StarBee Split Mast option which eliminates the height constraint for trailering or storing. Perhaps Doug at Aerotec or some other supplier would be willing to gear up and make them. At this point, the nut was tightened just enough to secure the parts but loose enough that the mast braces could be easily rotated. The Gyro Bee will immediately begin to lift and it will give you plenty of time to get your thumbs in the sticks.

Position the center of the head pattern the intersection point for the diagonal lines directly above the forward edge of the mast, and. Holes must be placed with absolute precision or the parts will not fit when assembled.

If you add material to this documentation package, anything you add must be clearly identified as distinct from the original documentation. Following the detail view on the left side of G, attach the bracket to the lower side of the front of the control horn at the two end-holes. The gasket should be two inches wide and its length should match the center chord of the stabilizer. If they are not, they will be out-of-track and stick-shake will be the result.

The lower mounts bolt to the engine bearers per the documentation while the upper bearers bolt to the engine. The Gyro Bee flies with traditional rudder and aileron yaw controls. Now drill the remaining holes through the braces using the rear seat plates as a drilling guide.

The nuts were torqued to the equivalent of hand-tight at this stage. This hardware will be replaced later in assembly.

Adjust the position of the Heim fittings so they are threaded approximately half way down the threaded shaft. If you are not sure about the precision of the drill press, take the time to make some simple drilling jigs to assure proper placement of holes.


We offer three basic Gyrobee Kits. You will have to delay making the seat support struts G until the seat is in place, since the precise seat position determines the length of these parts. This will minimize stress on the pitch bar, as opposed to coming to a stop against a sharp angle.

Using Detail A of G as a guide, secure the bottom end of each diagonal strut. Both ends of each spacer should be square with respect to the tube wall. If this is not the proper angle, and if the angles are not equal, the pieces probably won't fit very well. In this case, you will also have to install a bracket or other provision for mounting the engine kill switch.

The low-drag Dragon Wings blades are not recommended. It can be done but you will have some homework to do it right.

These are superb blades for most gyros, hydropower generation pdf but not the Gyrobee! Many of the photographs in the Gyrobee Photo Gallery on the Rotorbyte Website contain details on the placement of the fuel system components. Notify me of gyrobee plans posts via email. Our generation gyrobee plans information and connects with the people and gyrlbee that are of value to us in totally different ways than any other prior generation in the history of the world.