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It is a small life, and it should not be spoiled in thinking about consequences here and hereafter. If you make the within public, you will lose your soul, you will lose your original face. They are trying to complete themselves, at least in dreams. But the man who knows the beauty of trust will not be distracted by these small things. He walks, but his step has a dance in it.

And angry people's hands will become knotted, ugly. Nature comes closer to you, and nature starts revealing its secrets. You say our question is irrelevant, but if we don't know what you are searching for, how can we help? Once something unconscious is brought to the conscious mind, it evaporates. If it is distant, it is okay, but it should be there.

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But you will be surprised to know that he was never ready to be psychoanalyzed himself. Nothing is wrong in laughing loudly. He will still love you, he will still trust you.

He had the same fears, the same desires, the same repressions. But whenever people do it, they achieve.

The problem becomes more complicated because everybody wants intimacy. Book Preview Intimacy - Osho. Only a man of meditation can allow intimacy to happen.

Brief Summary of the Book

Summary of Intimacy Trusting Oneself and the Other

If he is dreaming, then you can see that his eyes are moving. And the same is the case with you. You will never see the beauty of existence because you don't have the sensitivity to know it.

If you have lived a simple, natural life, there will be no fear of intimacy, only the tremendous joy of two flames coming so close that they become almost one flame. Tolstoy was a very orthodox, religious Christian. It is too much instinct for power. Of course the mother is right because it is more economical, more financially helpful, to be an engineer.

For many lives together you have been outside in the hot sun, in the world, so when you go in you have completely forgotten how to enter and how to readjust your eyes. And not just ordinary people but people of the status of Sigmund Freud, who contributed greatly to humanity's understanding of the mind. But still you will be a failure.

The truth is, existence does not believe in the superior and the inferior. Even lovers are not intimate. Every year, a hunting club went up into the Montana hills. And once the goal is clear, you start growing an inner richness.

Brief Summary of the Book

Insights on the End of Suffering by Adyashanti pdf. He will not have any roots, he will be uprooted his whole life. Let somebody first tell a joke, let somebody first break the ice, and then you will smile.

Trusting Oneself and the Other by Osho. Trusting Oneself and the Other pdf. Trusting Oneself and the Other pdf is enough to raise the goose bumps alone. It can become narcissistic if it never moves beyond itself, scott fogler chemical reaction engineering pdf it can become a kind of selfishness if it becomes confined to oneself.

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You are encaged with stupid yourself because inside you are not filled with ugly repressions that have become perversions. The eyes open outward, the hands move, spread outward, the legs move into the outside, the ears listen to the outside noises, to sounds. The true man has no ideals. It says it is selfishness, it says it is narcissistic.

Intimacy Trusting Oneself and the Other PDF Details

Intimacy Trusting Oneself and the Other PDF Details

You will never see the sheer miracle that surrounds you, that crosses your path in millions of ways every day. Don't listen to anybody Just close your eyes and listen to the inner voice. Don't look at others, look at yourself. And then one day he is bound to try to trust the unknown. And there is a possibility someday to find a scientific device so that your dream can be projected on a screen.

You want the other person to be intimate so that the other person drops his defenses, becomes vulnerable, opens all his wounds, drops all his masks and false personality, stands naked as he is. Seeing that you need a master, that you are not a master of your own being, the other may become the master.

The deeper you go, the less you know who you are. It exists then, there, never here now. Call it existence, call it the whole. Whenever somebody comes with loving energy around you, you shrink, you want to escape, you are afraid. And ix Foreword the same applies to a thousand and one things in you.

But that is possible only if you have a heart that is not stinking with repressed sexuality, that is not boiling with all kinds of perversions, a heart that is natural. He could have deceived you if you had not trusted him. Now, being angry will destroy your beautiful image, so rather than destroying the image, you repress the anger.

You don't have real roots for real flowers to grow. The search continues in spite of what you have. All that was making him afraid that somebody may know, he himself has dropped. That's what sannyas is all about.

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But his yes can't be true. Who knows what is going to happen when they become intelligent on their own? The more you hide them, the more dangerous they become.

Intimacy Trusting Oneself and the Other - PDF Free Download

And if you are ready to be intimate, you will encourage the other person also to be intimate. Otherwise, self-love is the beginning of all other loves.