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This strategy can help it to achieve high levels of success with an emphasis on attaining key goals through innovation. Dell needs to devise a vibrant business strategy that is based upon product diversification. Whether your product is more different than your competitors if you can not occupy enough places according to your product in their minds you are under positioning yourself, like Dell does.

Dell needs to have clear and precise goals. It should create a competitive strategy based upon the lenses of customers and competitors. Computer has become an irreplaceable and personal kit. Therefore it seems that it is not ready for Dell being in a position to take advantage of educational institution segment yet. Sony sells products mostly to consumer segment that relatively have big wallets and demand all in one, entertainment devices.

For organizations in which computers mainly on tables, performance and price lead firstly. Selling products online and allowing product customization may be cost effective but provides less visibility for the products as many consumers want to touch and see a product before they buy. It has a flexible and reliable supply chain management system that reduces inventory and costs.

Understanding Strategic Management. This has enabled the organization to reduce the costs and risks of moving large finished goods inventories. Dell is one of the leading consumer durables brand. So the top target of a personal computer is to provide Internet for customers anywhere. As the market growing more educated, the demand of specific needs is increasing from customers for their own target of laptops.

This helps it to achieve strategic competitive advantage as it can assemble and distribute products in an efficient manner. The reason why is because the price of laptop is usually high and the period of using a laptop is usually very long. Dell uses direct distribution channel, which is easier for customers buy products from Dell directly, and even with more choices.

But as other companies are working on their supply chain to reduce cost, they can also offer customers a low price. The organization has been able to offer cost effective personal computers to customers. As the high speed developing technology of internet and the purchasing habit changing, people prefer to shop online more than go to the traditional retailers. The new entrants into the market have the potential to challenge the hegemony of the organization. Due to the special customer group they have, Apple production is committing to appearances and the operation system.

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Dell has total command of the supply chain. What Every Manager Must Know. It is the mechanism through which goods are moved from the manufacturer to the consumer.


There are not retails between Dell and its customers. Dell uses the direct model to distribute its products. The finished goods are then dropped off with the customer by courier.

Dell also tied up with systems integrators all over the country who could take orders on its behalf. In India, as part of the retail initiative, Dell tied up with Tata Croma the Tata-owned electronics retail chain in July and with select Staples stores.

Therefore the customers now have the opportunity to customize their own laptops. Business segmentation, similar needs can be categorized into wireless networking, security, performance, battery life and weight. The laptop is now highly preferred by businessmen international business environment. The customer, depending on needs, demands and affordability can configure the product which is then priced accordingly. Another part is individual segmentation including educational customers and home.

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Thirdly, packaging is as important as the product itself. Porter's Generic Strategies. Small and medium customers could buy hard- and software online from Dell.

Dell Marketing Strategy

Since the foundation of the company their direct-sales model provided a sustained competitive advantage. As customers require lighter and thinner laptop, which is simplified version of laptop, will be another profit point. For those who are not familiar with computers, it is becoming difficult to purchase the product without seeing and touching it.

Dell s Business and Marketing Strategy in IndiaMarketing plan and strategies for Dell

For those who are running an indirect distribution channels, their inventory will not be able to be turned over frequently to catch up the latest technology. For example if they were short of inch-screens they offered inch-screens at a lower or even the same price. Their weak portfolio of patents hampered their ability to compete in the lucrative market for smartphones and tablets. Population, growth rates, and age mix are all included in the demographic environment. But everything has two sides.

The need of computers is growing in a very rapid speed. Notify me of new posts by email. Dell needs to seize this huge opportunity.

To make products closer to consumers is the best marketing promotion. Nowadays, mass-marketing is not useful as it did past. Dell in the past have not concentrated on extensive marketing campaigns but these revolutionaries in when Dell changed its tactics by engaging in extensive marketing campaigns. It should create a competitive strategy, pdf studio 6.5 which should help it to offer value proposition to its customer.

Dell Marketing Strategy

Michael Dell's Rules for Winning Startups. Dell has perfect e-commerce capabilities, which can be seen with the success of the dell. Finally, brand-name speaks for the company. The company has been able to beat it.

Dell s Business and Marketing Strategy in India

Complementary theories to supply chain management. The home users remain the most profitable segments for Dell. This will help the organization to attain success by leveraging its key products and strengths.