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Oedipus at Colonus by Sophocles

Four lines of text are missing here. All of his friends followed behind him as he led the way. This place belongs to the daughters of Earth and of Darkness, the most dire of all goddesses!

My heart goes out to you and I ask you, what would you like me and the city to do for you and for your unfortunate companion. That sort of kindness is no kindness at all! Chorus Are they fighting now or are they just getting ready? Think about your own past, father.

If suddenly someone appeared before you, intent on killing you, would you -you, the righteous one! You have wasted too much time already!

Chorus You are indeed surrounded by an ocean of misery, girls! Will you go on like this, shaming your old age? Grant victory to the guardians of this city! Chorus Scan your eyes over every inch of the place! My very conception was vile.

My name alone will protect you from any trouble. Chorus You will find some bowls around here, made by skilled craftsmen. Come daughters but do not touch me.

The girls are here, as I have promised you, alive and unhurt from all those threats made against them. Friends, my friends, help me! Ismene No, father because the law prohibits that. Why else could this sacred rough rock have been the first seat for me to rest? Perhaps you ought to consider the possibility of offending the god.


Chorus Then, by Zeus, Colonus, is no longer a city! Oedipus Lords and guardians of Colonus! We need to hear their words so we may act carefully. And I fully understand the meaning of what I am saying Theseus, when I say that all that I have, I have because of you and because of no other mortal. Chorus Lord Zeus, if you are to send us, earthly mortals, some dark disaster, do it mercifully!

Cover their tops and their handles on both sides with crowns. You cry not because I am wearing these rags but because suddenly you found yourself having to deal with the same load of misery as I do! We must listen to them, obey their wishes.

Oedipus The gods themselves, Theseus! Oedipus The latest prophesies, Ismene? Oedipus How may I do that, trick photography book pdf my friend? Chorus To the audience as citizens of Colonus.

Strangers, do not stain the good name of the goddess Athena by behaving impiously but do as you have pledged to do with this poor suppliant. How will you go about this? Creon Give your orders to those who serve you! This is the land where something wondrous grows, something unheard of elsewhere. Antigone What is it, father?

Chorus Where is he hiding? Stranger To do what, give the king a message or try and persuade him to come here? Dear father, if only some god gave you sight to see the man who brought us back here to you! Where was all this kinship care then?

Oedipus at colonus full text pdf

But they refused to help and left me to wander the earth for ever, a poor, wretched foreigner. What can you gain by ruining your own country? Phoebus Apollo and Zeus his father! Stranger It is a place that must not be violated by human contact. Creon Perhaps but you will still have to deal with it.

Oedipus at colonus full text pdf

Hide me in the trees, away from the road, so we can hear what they say. Oedipus So, tell me, now, Theseus. Oedipus I have come here, Theseus, to offer you a gift. Oedipus There is something about that act that redeems me.

Chorus Girl, lead him this way. Saved by the hands of Theseus here and of his men. From that and from the description folks gave me of you on my way here, I recognise you. For use by any theatrical, educational or cinematic organisation, however, including a non-commercial one, permission must be sought. What is this place and to which god is it devoted, friend?

With their consent I was thrown out of my country and with their consent I was proclaimed an exile! This is the moment now that you must show that those words of glory are true! Mortals, in fact, would think his death to have come by some benign miracle. No one will take you away from your place of rest by force.

No, friends, I have come here to see if I can persuade this old man here to come back with me to the land of the Cadmeans. Athens, they say, can is the only city that can give refuge to a hunted man. Ah, but, my darlings, you will lose him soon and you will be orphans for the rest of your lives! Oedipus This third bowl, what shall I fill it with?

Antigone No need to tell me what to do any more, father, after such a long time! Leave that seat and get out of our country. Chorus Firstly, go the immortal stream and with pure hands bring here some of the sacred water.

Where can we, miserable wretches go now? Oedipus Well tell me, Antigone, tell me, daughter of a blind old man, tell me, where are we? Where will we find some hope?

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How could you justly blame me for that murder when at that stage I was neither yet begotten by a father nor born by a mother? No matter how callous the deed, you will still perform it and you will use every excuse and every sly means by which to justify it. They fell at his knees and cried bitterly and beat their breasts relentlessly. She peers into the distance.

Sophocles (c c BC) - Oedipus At Colonus Translated by George Theodoridis

Do not make me open up that wound again! Is that a threat I hear from you, Creon? To perform such dreadful acts! Cover a great distance from here.