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Candidates are required to demonstrate they can listen for key information, specific information and detailed meaning, including attitude and opinion. Support materials include coursebooks and practice tests and include materials in both print and digital formats. Download Summary regulations for candidates. Read the questions before you listen. Candidates are required to give information, make suggestions, discuss alternatives, negotiate agreement, describe a picture and talk about their opinions, experiences and habits.


You can download Firefox for free here. By continuing to use this website you are giving your consent for us to set cookies Dismiss. From transforming sentences to writing paragraphs, here are some tips to consider when preparing for the Preliminary Writing test. Check your answers as you do the test. Connecting words expressing.

Preliminary (PET) - Cambridge English Exams - Macmillan English

These tasks will help your students to work on organising their writing and manage a given writing task. How great to go into an exam and know at least what to expect. You will hear the audio twice. Reading and Writing answer key. When preparing for their Writing test, students may initially need a model or scaffolding.

Covering multiple-choice, short and long text questions, these Student's Notes offer suggestions on what to avoid and what to remember when sitting the Preliminary Reading test. At this level, a student should be able to demonstrate the ability to communicate using English for everyday purposes. Students may require more or less time and support depending on their own needs.

Preliminary (PET) - Cambridge English Exams - Macmillan English

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English practice Practise your English with our free online activities. Once the test has finished you will not be able to check them.

You can work in Test mode timed or Practice mode multi-attempts to help you get ready for your exam. Find tips to help ensure your students are familiar with the multiple-choice and multiple-matching exam-style listening tasks in the Preliminary exam. So if you are a strong speaker but a weak reader, one page resume format pdf you can use the marks from your speaking to balance out your low reading marks and still pass the exam. Reading and Writing sample test.

Watch this tutorial before you start to help you understand what you need to do. We have activities for reading, writing, listening, grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary.

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Preparation materials and sample papersPET Listening

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Search for free English activities. Information on what is expected from each part of a Speaking test with tips on how to approach the tasks with your partner. At Preliminary level it's important that teachers show students that there are different ways of reading. In the Writing section, candidates are required to show they can use vocabulary and structure correctly as well as write a short communicative message and an informal letter or story.

Preparation materials and sample papers

The more English you listen to the better your will do. Student's Resources for Preliminary How great to go into an exam and know at least what to expect. Once downloaded, open Firefox and use the links below to view the tests. Practise your English with our free online activities.

The level of the question papers is the same and both versions of the exam lead to the same certificate. These tasks help students to develop key strategies and best practice when approaching their Reading test.

The Speaking test is conducted face to face with one or two other candidates and two examiners. These tips are focused on each part of the Listening test and help you to develop key strategies to approach different tasks in the paper.