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Erasing the device will also erase the pre- programmed internal calibration value for the internal oscillator. The Configuration Word is not user addressable during device operation. How does this document meet your hardware and software development needs you find the organization of this document easy to follow?

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Microchip part number, year code, week code, and traceability code. After you move in the calibration constant, do not change the value. Exposure to maximum rating conditions for extended periods may affect device reliability.

The arrows indicate the points in time where sampling occurs. When contacting a sales office or the literature center, please specify which device, revision of silicon and data sheet include literature number you are using. The resulting high output currents may damage the chip. The calibration value must be read prior to erasing the part so it can be reprogrammed correctly later.

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Most Cur rent Data Sh eet. In this case, the execution takes two instruction cycles. Sleep, mapa malta pdf a wake-up will occur immediately even if no pins change while in Sleep mode. These parameters are characterized but not tested.

Please check with your Microchip Sales Office. How would you improve this document? Ne w Custom er Notifica tion Syste m. Mid-Range Ref erence M anual.

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This value should never be overwritten. What deletions from the document could be made without affecting the overall usefulness there any incorrect or misleading information what and where? The device should be reset in the event of a brown-out. Can be software programmed for internal weak pull-up and wake-up from Sleep on pin change. Depend- ing on application and production requirements, the proper device option can be selected using the information in this section.

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The errat a will specify the re vi-. Certain code and prototype verification procedures do apply before production shipments are available. All other trademarks mentioned herein are property of their respective companies.

An errata sheet may e xist f or current devices, describing minor operational differences from the data sheet and recommended. Since each crystal has its own characteristics, the user should consult the crystal manufacturer for appropriate values of external components. We appreciate your assistance in making this a better document.

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This is a stress rating only and functional operation of the device at those or any other conditions above those indicated in the operation listings of this specification is not implied. Corrections to this Data Sh eet. We hav e spent a great deal of time to ens ure. Reset until the operating parameters are met. The last character of the literature number is t he v ersion number.