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Major Central Acts & Amendments

No police-officer shall engage in any employment or office whatever other than his duties under this Act, legal guide for the visual artist pdf unless expressly permitted to do so in writing by the Inspector-General. No hereditary or other village police-officer shall be enrolled without his consent and the consent of those who have the right of nomination. Police establishment in every district deemed to be one police force. Harpal Singh Arora And Ors. Confiscation of property if no claimant appears.

Winner of the Agami Prize for democratising access to law. Provided that in fee shall be charged on the application for, or grant of, any such license. Provided always that no action shall in any case lie where such, officers shall have been prosecuted criminally for the same act.

Power to prosecute under other law not affected. Prohibition to sell tickets, etc.

Section Recovery of penalties and fines imposed by Magistrate. Free for one month and pay only if you like it. The Act has been amended in its application to- the C. Duties of police-officers.

Inspector- General of Police, etc. Awarding compensation to sufferers from misconduct of inhabitants or person interested in land. Regulation of public assemblies and processions, and licensing of same.

Acts Relating to Police Forces

Certain words omitted by the A. Neglect to protect dangerous places.

Section Duties of police-officers. Magistrate may detain property and issue proclamation. Refusal to serve as special police-officers. Constitution of the force. Certificates to police-officers.

Persons refusing to deliver up certificate, etc. Section Regulation of public assemblies and processions and licensing of the same.

Plea that act was done under warrant. Police- officers always on duty and may be employed in any part of district. Authority of District Superintendent of Police over village police.


Section Magistrate may detain property and issue proclamation. When so enrolled, such officer shall be bound by the provisions of the last preceding section. Powers of Inspector-General Exercise of powers.

Police-officers to keep dairy. Duties of police- officers.

Section Penalty for disobeying orders issued under last three sections, etc. Special Armed Constabulary, see the U. Penalty for disobeying orders issued under last three sections, etc. Police- officer may lay information, etc.

Power of Inspector-General to make rules. Penalties for neglect of duty, etc.

Superintendence in the Government. Power of Inspector- General to make rules. It has been extended, by notification under s.

Provided always that any remedy which the party may have against the authority issuing such warrant shall not be affected by anything contained in this section. Police- officers to keep diary. Chronological Order Index Act No. Slaughtering cattle, furious riding, etc. Section Police officers to take charge of unclaimed property and be subject to Magistrates orders as to disposal.

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Police Act (Act No. V of )

Refusal to serve as special police- officers. The police officers shall be guided as to the disposal of such property by such orders as they shall receive from the Magistrate of the and district. Appointment of additional force in the neighbourhood of rail- way and other works. Saving of control of Magistrate of district.

Persons accessing this site are encouraged to seek independent counsel for advice in India abroad regarding their individual legal, civil criminal issues or consult one of the experts online. Special Armed constabulary Act, U. Section Power of Inspector-General to make rules. Section Limitation of actions.