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Seat Map Qantas Airways Airbus A

There were excellent attentive staff, who came past this seat on the way to the galley immediately behind. While this seat was generally first to be served, the constant traffic felt bothersome throughout the flight. So flying here, you may get treated a tad nicer if you have status. It takes a great deal of fiddling with the controls to get a good position. Just be careful standing up especially if you are tall as you can hit your head.

This happened while I was asleep and woke me up a few times. Very cold part of aircraft. Also nowhere to store anything. Extensive on-demand tv, with easy to use controls. Just flow Quantas return to Australia from London.

If you are sitting beside someone you can stretch your legs out onto the bulkhead or up on the storage bin beside you. When the seats in front were reclined you could not get out of the seat to go to the toilet. Viewing takeoff and landing from tailcam is quite a lot better than from the window.

But this seat has only two of the three window box storage compartments available. This area was quite noisy, which kind of defeat the purpose of getting seats in this cabin, it sometimes felt like the crew were banging up the cutlery in the galley just to make fun of us.

No bothersome from the galleys and bathrooms at all! The experience i had during my flight was just grand! There is no one behind you, so no problems with people bumping into you as they get up and down from their seats.

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Seat is close to the toilets but I didn't notice it as a problem, slight smells every now and then but nothing unbearable or long lasting. Best seat on the plane for economy on the lower deck. This is can be bothersome. Main door did not impede my leg space as I first feared.

Flights to Australia Flights to Australia Transfers Book airport transfers in over destinations worldwide. Very nice way to travel on a long haul flight. The seat is directly opposite the galley so is extremely noisy, the lights shine in your face, and the staff are coming and going at all times.

The upstairs economy cabin is small and so gives a much more intimate and quiet experience. Seat has a wall behind it so it doesnt recline as far as the other seats. It was quite cool in this area. We did not find this a problem on and overnight flight.

You have extra bag storage on the wall next to this seat, and room to place a bag between the seat and the wall. Obviously everyone is on to this now and you need to get in early. Very cold row so will need extra blankets.

Seat had great window alignment and you're far enough behind the wing that you can see the view if you like. However, the proximity to the galley may bothersome. Being upper deck is so much quieter and peaceful. But its a night flight so no problem.

First time in Qantas business class as was a codeshare with Emirates. With our interactive map its easy to plan your next trip using money or Qantas Points. Visit the Qantas Shop to purchase models of Qantas aircraft. However, pdf2word v2 0 the window seats have the added plus of a compartment along the wall where you can stow items for easy access after take off.

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Seat Map Qantas Airways Airbus A380 800

Really comfortable journey in this seat. Good if travelling with a companion as no aisle access for seat A, middle seats would be best if flying solo. Explore the many benefits of membership. No need to wake up and stumble over your neighbors to get out.

Seat Map Qantas Airways Airbus A380 800

The centre rows in business class are better than side rows because no one climbs over you to exit their seat. Plane was full so no alternative I was told by very apologetic staff who had seen - and reported - the problem before. Flight Attendants vey accomodating. Because of the enormous gap between my armrest and the window, I couldn't do that.

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There is a utility close adjacent to this seat across the aisle which is used the by the attendance prior to and for a short while after take off and before landing. Ancient and uncomfortable, really poor compared to Emirates or Etihad. Virtually no wait for the lavatory and with fewer people its much cleaner than the horror you'll see downstairs.

Small forward Business cabin means quieter, darker, more intimate space with greater flight attendant attention. When I arrived I noticed my water bottle which was near my feet at the bottom of the door was frozen solid. If the seat beside you is blocked out you can lift the armrest and lay down. Many people around me were suffering from the seat in front being reclined into their laps - not me!