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As long as this dead center remains in the chuck, the point of the center will remain true to the spindle center line. Their lathes were enormously successful, and they eventually manufactured a wide variety of engine lathes and general-purpose lathes.

Operating this item with reduced mental alertness increases the risk of accidental injury. One of two front saddle gib screws. These instructions are for setups where the lathe will be connected to the power source with a power cord and plug, as opposed to a hardwire setup. Serious personal injury may occur if safe moving methods are not used.

If it has the South Bend name on it you will be proud to own itManualslib has more than 40 South bend Lathe manuals

Specific steps for each of these points will be covered in detail later in this section. Due to the generic nature of this overview, it is not intended to be an instructional guide for performing actual machine operations.

In they changed the company name to South Bend Lathe Works. Due to the complexity required for planning, bending, and installing the conduit necessary for a hardwire setup, novel books pdf this type of setup can only be performed by an experienced electrician. First time operation only Lathe is wired out of phase.

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South Bend Lathe Co

Our purpose is to provide information about vintage machinery that is generally difficult to locate. Moves the quill toward or away from the spindle.

Secures the tailstock in place along the bedway. Steady Rest For Machines Mfg. Changing Jaws For Machines Mfg. The owner of this machinery or equipment is ultimately responsible for its safe use. One of two tailstock gib screws.

Cutting tool aligned with workpiece center view from tailstock. Location For Machines Mfg.

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The company was acquired in by American Steel, later known as Amsted Industries. Move the brake band to the right one hole, and re-install the pedal stop, tightening it until it is just snug.

When the adjustable apron stop contacts the stop collar during a carriage feeding operation, the clutch disengages the feedrod from the apron and the carriage movement stops. Chuck or faceplate has become unbalanced. However, it can be easily adjusted depending on operator requirements. Thoroughly clean the machined base of the steady rest, then place it on the lathe bedways so the triangular notch fits over the bedway prism.

Operation For Machines Mfg. We assume the reader has a basic understanding of how to operate this type of machine, but that the reader is not familiar with the controls and adjustments of this specific model. It was the lathe that made possible the building of the steamboat, the locomotive, the electric motor, the automobile and all kinds of machinery used in industry.

Do not attempt to lift or move this lathe if you do not have the proper equipment or the necessary assistance from other people. Clean away debris and grime from the gear and apply a light coat of machine oil. Loose clothing, gloves, neckties, jewelry or long hair may get caught in moving parts, causing entanglement, amputation, crushing, or strangulation. The gap insert was installed, then ground flush with the bed at the factory to ensure precise fit and alignment. Typical hardwire setup with a locking disconnect switch.

This warranty does not apply to consumable parts, or defects due to any kind of misuse, abuse, negligence, accidents, repairs, alterations or lack of maintenance. The cord must be disconnected from power before performing this procedure.

If decommissioning this machine, use the steps in this section to ensure that it remains in good condition for later use. The feed clutch release point is adjusted at the factory. Spindle Break-in For Machines Mfg. Slide the tailstock to the desired position. It appears that it was during this time that they began making drill presses.

Hold onto the sleeve and center as you tap them loose to avoid dropping them and damaging the tip of the center or the bedways. Lathe set up for lifting with forklift.

South Bend Lathe Co

If it has the South Bend name on it you will be proud to own it

Catalogs, manuals and any other literature that is available on this site is made available for a historical record only. The list below outlines the basic process to follow to prepare the lathe for operation. Worn or broken gear present.

The lathe is shipped with the end gears in the normal position. The lathe should come to a quick stop. Use a brush or vacuum to clear metal chips. It is up to the individual user to use good judgment and to safely operate old machinery.

Collet and taper attachments accessories. To reduce the risk of a lifting or dropping injury, ask others for help and use power equipment. For many years, most machinists learned their lathe skills on machines from this maker. This same chart can also be found on the machine.

Carriage Handwheel The carriage handwheel moves the carriage left or right along the bed. Moves the compound slide forward or backward. Some inventory components may be shipped inside of the lathe electrical box. They expanded the product line to include drill and tapping machines, and mechanical presses. It consists of an electric oil pump, a low oil pressure kill switch, a holding tank, oil lines, and a distribution manifold.

We strongly recommend all operators make a habit of following the daily maintenance procedures. Chips lodged in the jaws or scroll plate. Place a piece of wood over the ways to protect them from potential damage. Controls the flow of cutting fluid from the nozzle. Each operator of this machine is responsible for ensuring proper care of the equipment.