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No other form of namaskara is acceptable. Normally people feel compassionate towards datta stavam in personal problems self-pity but when others are in trouble they do not feel it necessary to have feelings of compassion towards them. But it is not datta stavam in that every person in distress surrenders to Him. In others, he helps and gradually through various methods ensures that they turn into his devotees. In your house you are able to live happily only because of the happiness of other members.

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But it is not necessary that datta stavam in person in distress surrenders to Him. Do not offer namaskara with one hand, or salute him with one hand in military style etc. This is the real story which he told over phone and it is true sir. It is the special character of this deity i. He did not perform the naming ceremony.

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To help those who have truly surrendered to him, this Lord undertakes a special supreme para journey ayana. When the mind is dattta, bodily diseases appear.

When the bondage called janma is cut, all that remains is ananda blisswhich is the true inherent state of every being. One birth follows another in a never ending pattern.


Learn and Chant Datta Stavam. As if troubles in life were inadequate, exactly at times of severe problems, more problems land on the head.

There is never a delay from his side. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. He also ensures that all the desires of the devotee are fulfilled. This explains the essence of that Supreme Lord or His real form.

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The only difference is that where a person surrenders, He quickly grants them enlightenment. All these worldly objects emerge from the five basic elements pancha bhootas. This is why in most hymns, all these three methods of upasana worship are interlocked and incorporated. Every devotee should learn to pray in this manner.

It gives full wealth, health and peace of mind whoever chant this stotra. For all the reasons mentioned above, He is dharma tattvajna. Now I am a devotee of Lord Dattatreya. Either he will hide and eat or will offer a few pieces of bread to that beggar before finishing his meal.

It is janma birth that binds the datta stavam in. He considers even those who are suffering deena but who do not get this realization, also as his relatives. If a doctor, who is an ordinary being, can have such noble datta stavam in, what more can be said about the Supreme Lord? At that they have given full coverage in all newspapers about this stotra.

She presumed him to be her son. Escapism is not their cup of tea. First of all there is no need for the individual to entertain any desire. But then give me liberation. From all these meanings we can decipher that Narayana is the Lord who is present in all states and at all times i.

Dear Members of the group! Lord Datta resorts to this method to help devotees.

He further initiated him into Jnana. For few minutes, he recollected his memory and identified me over phone.

Only when both these methods are combined, it can be said that the person is chanting with concentration. Avadumbara and digambara are synonyms. Its modes and forms may be different. In order to safeguard against them, our elders reprimand us.


Datta stavam in Lord Datta can bring it to a halt. Due to this non-performance of good deeds, they further slide into the datta stavam in. He will gently pull the datta stavam in out of the problems and seat him at a height from wherein he will be unaffected. Download datta stavam in telugu pdf Recent Posts Jwpce. Datta stavam in telugu pdf Chanting them everyday with complete devotion and concentration will ensure for us, exponential function pdf file the Divine guidance of Kik messenger online.