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The maximum shear stress is expressed as. However, the stress tensor itself is a physical quantity and as such, it is independent of the coordinate system chosen to represent it.

Cauchy stress tensor

The Mohr circle for stress is a graphical representation of this transformation of stresses. Because of its simplicity, the principal coordinate system is often useful when considering the state of the elastic medium at a particular point.

The Cauchy stress tensor obeys the tensor transformation law under a change in the system of coordinates. It is a central concept in the linear theory of elasticity.

There are certain invariants associated with every tensor which are also independent of the coordinate system. There are certain invariants associated with the stress tensor, whose values do not depend upon the coordinate system chosen, or the area element upon which the stress tensor operates. One set of such invariants are the principal stresses of the stress tensor, basics of environmental science pdf which are just the eigenvalues of the stress tensor. The tetrahedron is formed by slicing the infinitesimal element along an arbitrary plane with unit normal n. Mathematics Kronecker delta Levi-Civita symbol metric tensor nonmetricity tensor Christoffel symbols Ricci curvature Riemann curvature tensor Weyl tensor torsion tensor.

The stress vector on this plane is denoted by T n. The three stresses normal to these principal planes are called principal stresses. The principal stresses and principal directions characterize the stress at a point and are independent of the orientation.

However, in the presence of couple-stresses, i. Thus, the characteristic equation is. Cauchy's fundamental lemma is equivalent to Newton's third law of motion of action and reaction, and is expressed as. Using just the part of the equation under the square root is equal to the maximum and minimum shear stress for plus and minus.

Depending on the orientation of the plane under consideration, the stress vector may not necessarily be perpendicular to that plane, i. When the stress tensor is non zero the normal stress component acting on the plane for the maximum shear stress is non-zero and it is equal to.

Principal Stresses & Invariants

Mathematics coordinate system multilinear algebra Euclidean geometry tensor algebra dyadic algebra differential geometry exterior calculus tensor calculus. The second integral is zero as it contains the equilibrium equations. Considering the principal directions as the coordinate axes, a plane whose normal vector makes equal angles with each of the principal axes i. Using the Gauss's divergence theorem to convert a surface integral to a volume integral gives. The state of stress at a point in the body is then defined by all the stress vectors T n associated with all planes infinite in number that pass through that point.

Cauchy stress tensor2-D Principal Stresses

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. These solutions are the principal directions or eigenvectors defining the plane where the principal stresses act. The equilibrium of forces, i.

This value is the same in all eight octahedral planes. Glossary of tensor theory.


It can be shown that the stress tensor is a contravariant second order tensor, which is a statement of how it transforms under a change of the coordinate system. The shear stress on the octahedral plane is then.

Principal stresses and stress invariants RockMechs

This tetrahedron is sometimes called the Cauchy tetrahedron. Their values are the same invariant regardless of the orientation of the coordinate system chosen. This is a constrained maximization problem, which can be solved using the Lagrangian multiplier technique to convert the problem into an unconstrained optimization problem.

2-D Principal Stresses

The first and third invariant are the trace and determinant respectively, of the stress tensor. Only surface forces will be discussed in this article as they are relevant to the Cauchy stress tensor. The equivalent stress is defined as. The unit vector is dimensionless. The principal stresses are unique for a given stress tensor.

Principal stresses and stress invariants RockMechs

These are the three eigenvalues of the stress tensor, which are called the principal stresses. For example, a vector is a simple tensor of rank one. This equation means that the stress vector depends on its location in the body and the orientation of the plane on which it is acting.

Principal stresses are often expressed in the following equation for evaluating stresses in the x and y directions or axial and bending stresses on a part. The eigenvalues are the roots of the characteristic polynomial. Tensors Solid mechanics Continuum mechanics.

Their direction vectors are the principal directions or eigenvectors. In three dimensions, it has three components. Similarly, every second rank tensor such as the stress and the strain tensors has three independent invariant quantities associated with it. Kronecker delta Levi-Civita symbol metric tensor nonmetricity tensor Christoffel symbols Ricci curvature Riemann curvature tensor Weyl tensor torsion tensor. In particular, the contact force is given by.