Woodward 505 Manual Pdf

To toggle between the panels use the swap button on the far right side the second button down from the top. This is not a Generator application.

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Woodward 505 manual pdf

The current status is overviewed on the left hand side of the screen and results are given on the right. This is an ideal controller for this type of function because it can be enabled and disabled as desired by a system operator. Using this option, trip annunciation will only occur if the tripped the turbine and not annunciate when the other external devices shuts down the unit external trips. The configuration window will open.

This sequencing logic allows the to perform a complete controlled system start-up from zero speed to rated speed. It is used to alert you to potential personal injury hazards.

Woodward 505 Installation And Operation Manual

When Local mode is selected, the is defaulted to be operable from its front panel only. Overview Screen The Overview screen will adapt to the configuration of the and show all configured options. This can result in a response that is not optimum, depending on the system conditions. These passwords are intended to help prevent unauthorized or untrained personnel from accessing these modes and possibly making changes that could cause damage to the turbine or associated process. The curves are relative since it depends on what type of control is desired in order to properly adjust Derivative time.

Configuring the Before the can be used to operate any turbine, it must be configured with a valid configuration. By using our website, you agree to our use of cookies.

The coil status, function, and device tag are shown for each channel as well as navigation buttons for each channel that take the user to a page showing all parameters available for that output. Auxiliary control will be disabled and inhibited when the is in frequency control. Configuring The Configuration menu parameters. Typical applications are schematically shown and their functionality explained. When this header appears in the display, press the down arrow key to view or change this block or press the left or right arrow key to select another block to change.

If the control is not able to fully close or open the governor valves, check to make sure that the actuators are calibrated correctly, and valve linkage is correctly set. Obey all safety messages that follow this symbol to avoid possible injury or death. We understand that your key concerns are emissions, productivity, and lower operating cost. This is a Generator application. During normal run operation, this screen should provide the user with all of the primary turbine parameter values and operational status.

The MicroNet Plus control system provides a flexible platform to control any prime mover and its associated processes. Digital load sharing and speed controls for engines pages. Once this has been selected, select Next to continue the installation.


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To transfer files to the control, first be sure you are in the correct application window. This chapter contains additional information related to completing this worksheet and configuring the specific application. In addition, any additional constraints on the configuration are shown in italics following the description.

This is the governor overspeed trip set point only and is not to be used as ultimate overspeed protection. Each channel is differential self-powered but can be software configured for Loop Power mode. For safety reasons the configuration may be monitored only and no changes will be accepted if the turbine is running. If the turbine has been shutdown for longer than the Hot time but shorter than the Cold time, the control will interpolate between the Hot and Cold delays to determine the hi idle hold time.

Woodward 505 manual pdf

In order to enter and exit a particular mode, the user must be logged in with an appropriate user level. This is a handy way to be able to gather system information, support tasks such as valve stroking, tuning or system checkout. The configure mode may be accessed if the unit is in a Shutdown state, no speed is detected, and the correct user level is logged in Configure or higher. Control Assistant-software Interface Tool It provides a flexible window into the application software with multiple features for the user. Our product and system platforms can be application-engineered for a wide variety of performance and configuration requirements.

This feature allows a relay to be driven directly from Modbus to control a system related function synchronizing. We are at the forefront of the industry in developing and delivering motion control and integrated propulsion systems. This allows the Cascade set point to be positioned remotely by a process control or distributed plant control system.

Woodward 505 manual pdf

Backed by decades of experience with generator controls, load sharing, synchronization, and power protection technologies, Woodward's power generation control solutions set standards worldwide. Also See for Installation and operation manual - pages. Also See for Product manual - pages. This allows an operator to manually load or unload a unit to a set level if desired. Therefore, a high amount of Integral gain high number would result in a large amount of Reset action.